BluMoxy Testimonials


Jamie W. – Philadelphia, PA

I just couldn’t stop creating Moxybooks once I discovered this awesome product! It’s really fun to see all of my social media memories just pop up at the click of a button. Once I picked which content I wanted to feature, it was super easy creating my personalized memory book. BluMoxy just walks you through each step. Love it! I’m officially addicted.



Katie C. – Houston, TX

My book rocks! I used all of my Facebook and Twitter info to make a book from my New’s Years vaca. Too cool!



Nicole C. – Dallas, TX

As an avid Facebook and Twitter user, I was delighted to see that there’s now a way for me to save all of my content throughout the 5+ years that I’ve been spending connecting with friends, family, former and current colleagues, and all the other individuals that I’ve been able to find on Facebook. BluMoxy allows me to download and save my photos and conversations from my two favorite social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter. Whether it was a discussion about high school memories or the numerous photos of my kids, I can create a Moxybook for it! I want to personally thank the creators of this product for finally coming up with something that allows me to download my social media memories and save them forever.



Brian E. – Denver, CO

My favorite part about BluMoxy is the simplicity. I’m not a pro at online scrapbooking or creating online photo albums so I was a little hesitant when my friend suggested I create a Moxybook. Once I signed up and did the free trial I was hooked! It basically creates your memory books for you.



Kim V. – Little Rock, AR

It was so fun getting to make a book from all of the pics and posts my family had from our renunion.